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2018 Wedding Trends…

2018 Wedding Trends…

Each wedding is unique. From the ceremony to the reception, you will find inspiration almost everywhere.

With that being said, where does a bride get such inspiration?

Every year we are introduced to new trends. What you choose to do with them is up to you.

Although every wedding is one of a kind, if you look close enough you will spot consistency.

Whether you’re fully invested, or simply drawing inspiration from a current trend, these tips will be sure to get you started. Happy Planning!

  1. Think Green. Green décor is being used as a natural approach to decorating. Instead of using classic table cloths and drapery, go organic and fill space with fresh greenery.
  2. Balloons. Apparently balloons are not only used for kids birthday parties anymore. Whether you’re using them to add a splash of colour, or as a simple backdrop for photos, you’ll gain an element of classic fun.
  3. Fun and Games. Outdoor weddings are huge in the summer time. Spice up the reception by adding interactive lawn games for individuals of all ages to enjoy.
  4. Invitation décor. Wedding invitations are becoming less simple. Try mixing textures and fabrics to create a layered look. Don’t over do it though, minimalistic is key!
  5. Florals. Florals are always in. They are a great way to add in a pop of colour without having the colours become overpowering. Keep the background simple and add florals where it deems necessary.
  6. Wedding soundtrack. Music strikes a main element of ones senses. Typically, humans tend to associate music with memories. Create a memorable playlist to ensure no one forgets your special day.

These are just some of the most recent trends in 2018. With half a year to go, I’m sure we will begin to see additional trends making their mark.

Stay tuned for updates…