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Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Weddings are the new trending wedding theme! Brides-to-be adore the vintage charm and country style that this captivating theme portrays. Picture natural elements in a western atmosphere and bring that all together with your individual details.

The following suggestions are just some of the limitless options you have to arrange an ideal rustic wedding.

  1. The venue is an essential aspect of the rustic ambience. A barnyard setting will provide character and charm, adding a warmth to the reception. Venues on fields or farms are the perfect location for a rustic wedding.
  2. A vintage dress will add to the rustic and euphoric theme and will allow the bride to stand out! Brides crave a one of a kind look, therefore hair flowers or a floral crown are great alternatives to the typical veil or tiara. 
  3. Charming signs around the wedding venue are appealing and add intimacy. For a rustic wedding, chalkboard signs are inexpensive and fun.
  4. Use textured natural accents like wood or try using edible objects for inexpensive but adorable place settings- colourful fruits and farm fresh vegetables add a pop of colour to a neutral palette. As for your table cloths, why not purchase muslin or burlap fabrics? Burlaps and muslin can always be used as accent pieces- tied around your centre piece or with your place setting. 
  5. Go against the grain for your wedding; and try using calla lilies rather than typical roses and orchids. Add in rustic elements to your arrangements with straw or bamboo. For a harvest time wedding, use pumpkins as part of centerpiece arrangements.
  6. Dress up the barn with adorable globe lights or hanging lights and add some extra sparkle. 

One of the original stables on the property, the stable at Woodbine Racetrack represents the ideal barnyard-like venue for a rustic-themed wedding! Visit the Modern Bride Wedding Show for a look at this great venue and more rustic wedding ideas.

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