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Wedding Guest Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Guest Do’s and Don’ts

Attending a wedding is simple right? Wrong.Wedding Professional

Believe it or not, there are plenty of “do’s” and “do not’s” that come into play shortly after you RSVP.

An immense amount of planning goes into a wedding day. The least you can do is be a courteous guest.

Keep these next few tips in mind to guarantee a positive experience for both you and the entire wedding party.

  1. Always RSVP. Don’t leave the bride and groom hanging. An extra body means an extra seat, an extra meal, and just an overall extra expense. If you know whether or not you will be attending please disclose as soon as humanly possible.
  2. Stick to the registry. The bride and groom “to be” have selected specific gifts for a reason. If you want to add a personal touch, do so with the card, or wrapping paper.
  3. Don’t be tardy. There’s nothing worse than walking into an event once it has already started, let alone a wedding. All the attention should be on the newly pronounced bride and groom, not the incredibly late guest who makes a scene stumbling in late.
  4. Dress appropriately and don’t wear white. The phrase “don’t wear white” is so commonly said yet someone always manages to break the unwritten rule. Don’t be that person!!
  5. Don’t assume you are entitled to a plus one. Showing up with a date may cause some unnecessary drama as they were not accounted for throughout the planning process. This will likely lead to stress which could have been easily avoided.

But on a lighter note, have FUN. Wedding’s are a celebration. Enjoy yourself. The bride and groom will be happy to see their guests enjoying themselves after all their hard work.