Model at fashion show

Fashion Event ($499)

Showcase 10 items (ie. bridal gowns, evening wear, menswear, florals, jewellery or accessories) to display in the fashion event ▪ Verbal recognition via microphone announcement during the fashion event ▪ Company Logo will be displayed on all Fashion Event invitations ▪ Business Profile listed on the Fashion Event Facebook Page ▪ General Admission tickets (x4) to the show
Brides look at the Modern Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner ($399 - $599)

Print advertisement - half page ad ($399) or full page ad ($599) per book ▪ General Admission tickets (x4) to the show The Modern Wedding Planner is the perfect couples guide to planning their wedding. The book consists of a variety of exceptional businesses and professionals servicing the wedding industry. Every guest will receive the book when they visit the show.
social media

Social Media ($299)

Webpage Profile (includes Company Profile w/link) ▪ Instagram Post and Story, Facebook Post and Story ▪ Company Listing on bridal directory on (1 year subscription) ▪ General Admission tickets (x4) to the show